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In business since 1966

Lilibeth Salon Hair & Makeup was formerly known as Salon Du Mont, which opened its doors in 1966. You can trust in our 50-year tradition of providing world-class hair, makeup, and spa services to clients in Santa Barbara County.

Meet the salon owner

I was born in the Philippines the second of 4 children, my mom and dad were both teachers. My parents did instill in us the value of honesty, hard work and education (which is why I believe in continuing education for everyone here at Lilibeth’s Salon). I came to America about 14 years ago and went to cosmetology school and became a beautician in the L.A area.


About two years ago I moved to the Santa Barbara area looking for a change, as I had close friends here. I just love the atmosphere. I have two children of whom I am very proud and love dearly.


My goal with Lilibeth’s Salon is to provide our customers with superb results, excellent service, and reasonable prices.

You can contact me via email at or by calling 805-335-2441.

Dedication to quality

At Lilibeth Salon Hair & Makeup, our team keeps up with the latest trends and current techniques by taking educational classes throughout the year. You can be certain that we listen to our clients’ needs to provide the best results.

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